Our vision is:

ABUNDANCE for all through  CONNECTED, GENEROUS, TRUSTING communities 


Our vision is:

ABUNDANCE for all through  CONNECTED, GENEROUS, TRUSTING communities


I used to be anxious and fearful and from this training I learned not to let fear stop me from living my life and at 65 it’s never too late to take ownership of your life.


Transformational leadership has shifted the way I look at myself, relationships, business and the world. This work has been a blessing for my home life and has given me the courage to BE my authentic self. Since my commitment to this work, I have started a coaching business which serves so many and I got engaged! Transformational leadership has given me the tools to change the world for the better and the opportunity to serve those who are still looking for more.


My experience with Leadership Training transformed the way I look at life, how I react to situations, and how I relate to other people. I had discovered that I’d stopped using my voice and was simply surviving through each day. Now I am living a life with purpose, using my voice, building stronger relationships, and embracing new experiences with joy and enthusiasm.


I walked away with a clearer picture of who I am and what I have to offer. It increased my confidence in my ability to impact others. It also woke me up to how I can step it up as a leader.


About our training

The Results

Before making your decision, check out the impact this training has made on others.

See the results for yourself.

The Details

Find out what the process is like, get the logistics and take a look at the details before you sign up.



From professors and doctors,  entrepreneurs and sports figures, this work has made an impact on their lives. Find out what other students have to say about the changes in their lives.

The Results

Before making your decision, check out the impact this training has made on others.
See the results for yourself.

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The Training

Find out what the process is like, get the logistics and take a look at the details before you sign up.

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From professors and doctors,  entrepreneurs and sports figures, this work has made an impact on their lives. Find out what other students have to say about the changes in their lives.

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level 1: DISCOVERY



I have seen how my life can be full of endless opportunities to make a real change to everybody I am involved with.
~Sybilla, UK

I feel loving and being loved.
~ Vera, Italy

I have learnt more about myself in the last 3 days than in the last 20 years.
~Elbin, the UK

It has revealed what is holding me back in literally everything I do in my life.
~Laurens, Belgium

I initially hesitated. I was already doing other transformational work for my business but this has transformed me. So glad my friend and coach kept nattering at me to come on board. Thanks, coach Dawn!
~Sheila, the UK

I am starting to think and look differently.
~Emre, Turkey

The love and support you feel from the group are amazing. Hard to write in words but the first weekend is already transforming.
~Maartje, Netherlands

The Discovery Training is the first step in our 4 months training programme.

This is a 75-80 % experiential group programme where you will discover with absolute clarity who you are, what you want in life, what is holding you back from achieving what you want and how to overcome those blocks. This is a unique experience which is customized for each team and individual through facilitation, and coaching. 

You will gain a new set of tools that will support you in any challenge you may come across in life regearding your personal goals, your financial situation, health, and relationships.   

The purpose of the Discovery Training is to introduce you to how you are showing up in your life and in the world. The multi-faceted curriculum will illuminate how you react to challenging situations, triggers from peers, family members, superiors and subordinates, and where you land on the trust continuum.

When attending the Discovery Training, you can expect to experience independent journaling and meditation, one on one and small group workshops, team exercises and movement. Please dress comfortably.




  • Building self awareness at a deep level
  • Identifying patterns that hold you back in money, health, career, relationships and fulfilment
  • Understanding of where your results come from and how to shift
  • Connecting with your Personal Power
  • Gaining clarity about what you want in life
  • Understanding of what is working and what is stopping you in your relationships
  • Building teamwork and defining success as a team
  • Exploring integrity and accountability with your promises
  • Experiencing fun, joy and excitement
  • Differentiating between the position of Victim versus Responsibility

Please note that there will be course work after each day therefore make sure you do not book any other activities during the entire Discovery training.

level 2: breakthrough



My experience of the breakthrough training was discovering what I’m meant to be on this planet.
~ Laurens

My experience with GLO Breakthrough training is a true breakthrough. If you know and feel what’s holding you back, you are able to break through. And yes, that’s uncomfortable. Because out of your comfort zone is where the magic is.
~ Maartje

My experience was a giant growth in confidence, a trust that I can make things happen, that I can be the best I can possibly be.
~ Sybille

I realized that Love makes miracles starting by Loving Yourself, your imperfections, your weaknesses. We are the main limitations of ourselves, our sadness, our depressions. We get so powerful the day we forgive the people who hurt us, the day we understand that this is what they know.
~ Myriam

Breakthrough training allowed me to reach deep into my heart, only to find that I was numb to emotions – something that I have unknowingly shut off many many years ago to protect myself. The biggest takeaway for me is that I found the trigger and cause, and being able to feel emotions again is great. It’s like being human again. But the best part is the people. It was so easy to connect with all of you, with trust and honesty, sharing and relating to our life experiences.  Thank you, championship team. It will be an experience I’ll never forget !!
~ Anonymous from the UK

It was a unique experience! No one can imagine what is hiding inside the soul until dig deep and believe you will go deep and deeper to find the real you. Then you are ready for big things. To believe again in your own power, to light your fire, to be the inspiration for the joy of life.
~ Tasos


This is the second step in our 4 months programme 

Training is built upon the lessons from Discovery and is intended to challenge you to move past your limiting beliefs and into being a powerful and influential contribution to the world.  In order to move past the ways of being that have held you back so far, you first have the opportunity to interrupt your old patterns, get to the core of where your fears and behaviors began, and make a conscious choice to redesign yourself. 

The purpose of the Breakthrough Training is to create a life worth living. To declare a vision and possibility for your life that you are passionately committed to creating. Through an intense exercise of giving and receiving feedback, emotional release and authentic self expression you can breakthrough the barriers you identified during your discovery training. By moving past those limitations, you will see a direct immediate impact in your personal life and professional life.

When attending the Breakthrough Training, you can expect to have spontaneous opportunity to lead teams and be a team player, experience cathartic meditation, group feedback exercises, improvisation, and artistic expression.  Please dress comfortably.

Breakthrough Key Concepts

  • Revisiting painful experiences from the past and redesigning unhelpful behaviors or patterns that resulted from it
  • Giving and receiving honest, direct and effective feedback
  • Learning to forgive self and others
  • Creating heightened self-worth, self-confidence, and personal power
  • Letting go of past experiences and interpretations holding you back
  • Living as your word, honoring your commitments to self and others
  • Stretching beyond the comfort zone and expressing authentic aspects of you which previously were being held back
  • Building accountability measures for achieving vision and declarations

 Outcomes You Will Achieve from Breakthrough

  • Clarity on vision for current and future life
  • Transform your relationship with fear and shifting into a space of courage and possibility using one very powerful tool
  • Gain the ability to speak extemporaneously – How to deliver your message from the heart without needing to know exactly what you’re going to say
  • Understand why human beings develop blind spots and how to become aware of them so they no longer hold you back, self coaching
  • No longer be held back by what other people think about you
  • Inspire loyalty, trust, and love, and compassion in all your relationships
  • Create passion, power and freedom in all aspects of your personal and professional life

Please note that there will be course work after each day therefore make sure you do not book any other activities during the entire Breakthrough training.


level 3: leadership



My four-month journey with IGL has been more than I ever imagined! I have gained personal insights, emotional breakthroughs, skills, and support to finally move forward in my life. I am now bringing about the changes I needed to make but was avoiding through fear, procrastination, and lethargy. My new friends from the course are a real support family for me and are continuing to provide me with energy and accountability to not slip back into my old ways but to keep moving forward. This training is not just a 4-month course, it is the key to the life I have always wanted to live.

~Zoe Burns, UK


My name is Sabine, I am 26, and having been part of this team has been an incredible journey for me that I am so grateful for. I went through a lot of changes in my life over the past years, and this program really gave me clarity and focus, on what is important to me in my life moving forward but also in general. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to do this training at such an early stage in my life not only to develop my personality and set priorities but also to create tangible results. Just to name one example of what I created throughout this journey was making incredible progress on the book I had been writing and handing in a pitch to a publisher. This wouldn’t have been possible without my incredible coaches and the extremely valuable team spirit this training provided me with.

~Sabine, Austria


If you are looking for something that massively impacts your life profoundly and enables you to see what holds you back, what is limiting you to be a leader, leading by example and being successful in all areas of your life – stop looking and sign-up. IGL Leadership has given me all of the above and more.

~Juergen Roeck, Germany


Leadership training helped me discover more about myself than all the self-help books I have read put together! Once you have this awareness, that’s when you can truly understand what’s limiting you and then the breakthroughs start to happen and you can begin leading your life without the baggage you have carried for so long! It has enabled me to unlock a new level of self-confidence and realize just how much fear of judgment I carried! Without this fear and with this new confidence I am interrupting old patterns and am now on my journey to create a business I never felt I could do before. I’m also improving my relationships and decision-making in significant ways.

~Lu Back, UK

I can not recommend this training highly enough, I have learned to focus my energy, lost 10kgs of weight, started working on my longterm lifetime goal project and made some great new friends for life too. I enrolled my sister and am looking to enrol my wife and kids so we can take this approach to leadership into all areas of our lives to flourish as fulfilled and satisfied people. You should give it a try, it will make you wonder what you had spent the previous years of your life waiting for.

~Mark Fraser, UK


Level 3 leadership programme consists of 3 online group training meetings, weekly customized private coaching and weekly group coaching support in between group training meetings.

Leadership is an intensive three-month, high-performance and transformational result-oriented curriculum. It is designed to create lifelong habits that will support you in achieving elevated levels of excellence, productivity, focus, improved emotional intelligence, transformed relationships and tangible results that you desire. Level 3 Leadership programme is about making an impact in your family, community and the world through your own results, community service projects and enrolling people into transformation.

What separates Level 3 from level 1 and level 2 is real tangible results. 


The purpose of Level 3 is to stand as the source of transformation in your family and community. To take the tools, insights and breakthroughs you’ve gained in the first two levels and apply them in your life.

You will be coached and guided to set clear and specific extraordinary goals for the main areas in your personal and professional life. You will be challenged to make bold declarations and held accountable to follow through and execute.

As a leader, you will also be trained in the art of enrolment – learning how to inspire and evoke the visions and dreams of other people and empowering them to take committed action to make it a reality.

You will practice generosity and make an impact on others through your leadership. Each participant chooses an individual in their own community and supports that person practically to make a difference during the 3 months Leadership Programme.

This three-month experience includes three separate training weekends, ongoing one-on-one life coaching, small group, and large group coaching, practicing the art of enrollment, a personal strategic plan and community-focused activities including a large-scale community service project.  

The Institute of Global Leadership invests in each student’s leadership potential with ongoing and individualized coaching. As an opportunity to demonstrate Leadership, communication skills and generosity, and to surround yourself with transformational leaders in your community, we encourage you to share the gift of Transformational Leadership during the programme.

When participating in the Leadership Training, you can expect to experience undirected opportunities to lead teams, cathartic meditation, group feedback exercises, improvisation, opportunities for artistic expression, and one on one and small group coaching.


  • Being unstoppable to create your vision and results
  • Learning how to navigate through uncertain and challenging circumstances
  • Effective communication and persuasion skills
  • Empowering and inspiring others to discover their own visions
  • Practicing and embodying the principle of being your word which eventually leads to credibility, trust, and respect
  • Mastering your thoughts, emotions, actions, and results as a Leader
  • Creating team unity in high-stress and tight-deadline environments
  • Operating from responsibility and accountability with declarations, commitments, and agreements
  • Being in the Drive Seat of your life
  • Learning your own leadership style, personality style, and how to empower people with different personality styles
  • Handling interpersonal challenges and conflicts
  • Living what you learned in Level 1 and Level 2 in all aspects of your life, personally and professionally



Increased confidence, assertiveness and risk taking


Higher level of connection and effective communication in relationships


New level of health, happiness and motivation

  • New perspective on self 87.5% 87.5%
  • Took a risk I otherwise wouldn’t have taken 87.5% 87.5%
  • Positive feedback from others 81.3% 81.3%
  • More fulfilling relationships in life 75% 75%
  • Improved social connections 75% 75%
  • Greater feeling of direction 68.8% 68.8%
  • Increased productivity 62.5% 62.5%
  • Financial gain 37.5% 37.5%
  • Moved to a new city 31.3% 31.3%
  • Started a new business 31.3% 31.3%
  • Started a new job 31.3% 31.3%
  • New romantic relationship 50% 50%
  • New home 25% 25%
  • Left a relationship that no longer served 25% 25%
  • New Baby 12.5% 12.5%
  • Lost weight 12.5% 12.5%
  • Other gains 6.3% 6.3%

*A survey done with of Transformational Leadership Programme graduates in 2019 by Boston Breakthrough Academy.