This programme is designed to contribute to the creation of the class of GLO6. The starting and ending dates of this affiliate programme are:
Starting date: 18/11/2022
Ending date: 25/12/2022

This affiliate programme is for the IGL transformational Leadership Training Class GLO6 which is scheduled based on the following dates:

25–26 MARCH 2023

7–8–9 APRIL 2023

FIRST TRAINING:                     22–23 APRIL 2023
SECOND TRAINING:                3 JUNE 2023

Commissions and payment

The full price of the training is 2997GBP. The commission rate is 30% for affiliates. It is approximately 900GBP.

When a new customer pays the full amount of the training fee, there is a 14 days cool-off period. In that period they have the legal right to ask for a refund. If the person you enrolled asks for a refund there will be no commission paid to you.

In case the customer decides to pay the full amount of the training fee in instalments you will receive the part of your commission calculated based on the instalment amount they pay every month. So if they pay in 3 instalments then you will receive the 1/3 of your commission after each instalment is paid. At the end, the customer will have paid the full fee and your commission payment will be completed too.

For your first commission; it will be scheduled according to the payment schedule explained in the terms and conditions of this agreement. For the 2nd and further instalments the payment for your commission will be scheduled to be paid in the week after the instalment payment is done.

The customers will be contacted and have a welcome call with a person representing IGL. In this call we will confirm their attendance.

You payment will be scheduled 3 weeks after the payment. Note that payments may take up to 30 days due to international money transfer processes and controls.

The money will be paid in the account you specify to IGL. The costs of transfer of funds will be deducted from the commission.

Contact and support

You can contact to us via the following email addresses and phone numbers:
Bogac Ozgen
Email: bogac@instituteofgloballeadership.com
Mobile: 0044 79 6843 6880

Evrim Ozgen
Email: evrim@instituteofgloballeadership.com
Mobile: 0044 77 7271 5060

The affiliate details are also published on the following web site:

The password for the site is: GLO611

GROUND RULES and features of the training

This is an experiential training.

There is nothing new they will learn in life.

The experience of interaction with others makes the difference. This is something they can never find anywhere else.

Never promise for the results. It is their responsibility to create the results.

If you are a graduate of this leadership training then don’t promise anything that is not delivered in the training.

If you are not a graduate then don’t promise results. The results are participant’s responsibility. The training provides only the environment. If you are not sure about the training get in contact with IGL so that we can give you information about the training. 


marketing material / testimonials


I have seen how my life can be full of endless opportunities to make a real change to everybody I am involved with. ~Sybilla, UK

I feel loving and being loved. ~Vera, Italy

I know more about myself in 3 days than in the last 20 days. ~Elbin, UK

It has revealed what is holding me back in literally everything I do in my life. ~Laurens, Belgium

I initially hesitated. I was already doing other transformational work for my business but this has transformed me. So glad my friend and coach kept nattering at me to come on board. Thanks, coach Dawn! ~ Sheila, UK

I am starting to think and look differently. ~Emre, Turkey

The love and support you feel from the group are amazing. Hard to write in words but the first weekend is already transforming. ~Maartje, Netherlands.



My experience of the breakthrough training was discovering what I’m meant to be on this planet. ~Laurens, Belgium

It was a reset in my life, a new opportunity to wake up with a purpose, with joy, love, courage, and trust with a simple gesture we can transform the World. ~Vanderlei, Italy

My experience was a giant growth in confidence, a trust that I can make things happen, that I can be the best I can possibly be. ~Sybille, UK

My experience with GLO Breakthrough training is a true breakthrough. If you know and feel what’s holding you back, you are able to break through. And yes, that’s uncomfortable. Because out of your comfort zone is where the magic is. ~Maartje, Netherlands.

Without controlling, just letting it go, many other things are coming; How important to let the past go, by being honest and afraid to be honest you can be you. ~Anna, Germany

The Breakthrough weekend was tough – you come face to face with your shadow self, the part that keeps you from showing the beauty that is within you. It was hard to face your fears, but oh the joy you feel when you finally drop the false stories you have told yourself for so long!  Your soul finally opens and shows the beauty within you that was waiting to be released. ~Sheila, UK


I realized that Love makes miracles starting by Loving Yourself, your imperfections, your weaknesses. We are the main limitations of ourselves, our sadness, our depressions. We get so powerful the day we forgive the people who hurt us, the day we understand that this is what they know. ~Myriam, Lebanon


It was a unique experience! No one can imagine what is hiding inside the soul until dig deep and believe you will go deep and deeper to find the real you. Then you are ready for big things. To believe again in your own power, to light your fire, to be the inspiration for the joy of life. ~Tasos, Greece


Breakthrough training allowed me to reach deep into my heart, only to find that I was numb to emotions – something that I have unknowingly shut off many many years ago to protect myself. The biggest takeaway for me is that I found the trigger and cause, and being able to feel emotions again is great. It’s like being human again.

But the best part is the people. It was so easy to connect with all of you, with trust and honesty, sharing and relating to our life experiences. 

Thank you, championship team. It will be an experience I’ll never forget!! ~Anaymous from the UK



My four-month journey with IGL has been more than I ever imagined! I have gained personal insights, emotional breakthroughs, skills, and support to finally move forward in my life. I am now bringing about the changes I needed to make but was avoiding them through fear, procrastination, and lethargy. My new friends from the course are a real support family for me and are continuing to provide me with energy and accountability to not slip back into my old ways but to keep moving forward. This training is not just a 4-month course, it is the key to the life I have always wanted to live.

~Zoe Burns, UK


My name is Sabine, I am 26, and having been part of this team has been an incredible journey for me that I am so grateful for. I went through a lot of changes in my life over the past years, and this program really gave me clarity and focus, on what is important to me in my life moving forward but also in general. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to do this training at such an early stage in my life not only to develop my personality and set priorities but also to create tangible results. Just to name one example of what I created throughout this journey was making incredible progress on the book I had been writing and handing in a pitch to a publisher. This wouldn’t have been possible without my incredible coaches and the extremely valuable team spirit this training provided me with.

 ~Sabine, Austuria


If you are looking for something that massively impacts your life profoundly and enables you to see what holds you back, what is limiting you to be a leader, leading by example and being successful in all areas of your life – stop looking and sign-up. IGL Leadership has given me all of the above and more.

~Juergen Roeck, Germany


Leadership training helped me discover more about myself than all the self-help books I have read put together! Once you have this awareness, that’s when you can truly understand what’s limiting you and then the breakthroughs start to happen and you can begin leading your life without the baggage you have carried for so long! It has enabled me to unlock a new level of self-confidence and realize just how much fear of judgment I carried! Without this fear and with this new confidence I am interrupting old patterns and am now on my journey to create a business I never felt I could do before. I’m also improving my relationships and decision-making in significant ways.

 ~Lu Back, UK


I can not recommend this training highly enough, I have learned to focus my energy, lost 10kgs of weight, started working on my longterm lifetime goal project and made some great new friends for life too. I enrolled my sister and am looking to enrol my wife and kids so we can take this approach to leadership into all areas of our lives to flourish as fulfilled and satisfied people. You should give it a try, it will make you wonder what you had spent the previous years of your life waiting for.

~Mark Fraser, France


Before starting the programme, I had been wanting to create a more independent business that I would really enjoy, but I didn’t really have the courage to jump off the treadmill. I felt that I was too busy in my different jobs to really enjoy personal relationships with friends and family, and I didn’t make enough time for them. 

The training has made me realise the potential that had been lying hidden within me all the time. I have gained confidence and courage to step out of my comfort zone and make things happen and overcome a lot of barriers and obstacles that had stopped me from moving forward in all areas of my life. 

My personal relationships have grown in depth and authenticity, I have reconnected with friends and family members who I had not had any meaningful exchange with in a long time. I am finally doing the work I love, I got rid of the work I didn’t enjoy, my business has grown considerably and is still growing. This has, of course, also financial advantages, but it is mainly the job satisfaction that I am immensely grateful for. My health and fitness have improved, I have lost weight and feel great in my body and in my mind. I have a vision for my life and feel empowered to realise this vision.

I would definitely recommend this programme for anybody who would like to find out the true potential that lives within them and become the best version of themselves – especially if you don’t believe that this best version exists or if you think you have already achieved it. You will find out that there is an even better version of yourself!

~Sybille, UK

I am a self-employed sleep & dream coach, specialising in dream interpretation and a mental fitness coach. 

I had been recently widowed; my life and business had taken a back seat while I was a carer. I needed to rebuild my life and needed to find a way to do so.

The leadership course was suggested to me by a friend and although I was unsure if it was what I required to kick-start my life and business I took the plunge.

It was what I needed, as I gained clarity about my life, healed old wounds and built a new foundation for my life. I also made new friends, which was important for moving forward in my life and I also gained a new perspective on my business.

This programme wasn’t always easy – coming face to face with yourself can be difficult and painful, but if a person is determined to make real and lasting changes in their lives, the rewards are great.

~Sheila Balgobin, UK


My name is Tasos, I am 43 years old. Have a lovely daughter at the age of 10. I run a company in the field of waste management/waste to energy.

My life before IGL was a life without inner balance, this was reflected in the people around me.

I could say I was in a surviving mode, giving a lot of daily time to my business and work.

First of all, I created a vision that I didn’t have.  Secondly, I created a new version of myself. 

I created awesome relationships with the other team members. You can compare the bonds we created with those of a family.

Concerning my health…I achieved the impossible. I managed to run 400m! Haha! 

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and at the beginning of the program, I could run only 50m.

Trust the process, and be ready to explore yourself. This program created so many new prospects in my life!  

~Tasos Markos, Greece



Interviews with graduates:

Emre Tokcaer: https://youtu.be/Z2d_aey_q3Y

Laurens DC: https://youtu.be/jnZ8cXdfwdM

Larissa Koek: https://youtu.be/UEP7WAKM9e0 


Graduation videos of Teams

GLO1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tEMhP_7Q7Qssz3nDkLOgSXEj0TQXw8OQ/view?usp=sharing 


GLO3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mqmfasL1Qp9JZR2AM8j1WwB6xcqbj-GD/view?usp=sharing 

GLO4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lRWvia6swCnXfCMHUTzzT5fk3jRIOkfk/view?usp=sharing

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