Boğaç Özgen

Co-Founder of Institute of Global Leadership

The Art of Enrolment

Receive a 45 minutes of a coaching session from Bogac for supporting you to implement the art of enrolment in your life. 

About Bogac

Bogac is a “Spiritual and entreprenuerial professional”. He has been enthusiastic about self-development in his entire life. Lately, he has been going through spiritual experiences and they are profoundly affecting his life.

Bogac has been running his own Management Consultancy company since 2006 and worked all around the world with more than ten thousand people. He worked with Forbes 500 companies,  2 people companies, CEO’s, professionals, individuals and communities.

Latest journey he pursues is about happiness, trust, love and abundance. He is a story teller who has a lot to share.

What he enjoys is learning and making people happy.