Couples – awakening intimacy

Couples – Awakening Intimacy ONline Retreat 

Couples Awakening Intimacy opens up heartfelt communication, where both partners genuinely feel heard, not just the words, but the feeling underneath the words. Instead of circular arguments that end up hurting each other more, couples learn how to achieve real freedom from the past hurts and let go of blame. If you have ever wondered why you are with the partner you are with, that question will be clearly answered. Sometimes in relationships, there is so much anger, guilt and shame that it is hard to take any steps forward. It’s as though the past builds up as armour over our hearts and baggage we carry into any new moment. 

At the Couples Awakening Intimacy Retreat, you begin to let go of that baggage and strip away the armor from your heart, so that you can see your partner with your heart. This Retreat is designed for ALL romantic partnerships. Whether you have been dating for six months are beginning to think of popping the question, but want to be absolutely certain or if you have been together for nearly 50 years, Couples Awakening Intimacy will allow you to clarify, explore and expand your vision for your relationship – so that it isn’t a pipe dream, but begins to come into reality. 

The Couples Awakening Workshop will focus on the exploration of the growth offered through a romantic relationship and how to dive into that opportunity, expanding each partner in the process. This experiential workshop will allow couples to: 

• Clarify, explore and expand your vision for your relationship; 
• Illuminate patterns from your family of origin and where these patterns are supporting and getting in the way of intimacy, love and connection; 
• Learn how to fight fairly, expressing upset fully without damaging your relationship, but rather forwarding it; 
• Nurture and develop your capacity to like and respect your partner for who they are. 
• Solve solvable problems and surrender to those that are not “solve-able.” 
• Continue to live into the highest potential of your partnership; 
• Warm, comfortable private lodging provided as well as nourishing meals in a family-style environment.

There have been couples who have an appointment with a divorce attorney scheduled on Monday morning following the retreat. I can think of a few couples who kept the appointment and proceeded to have divorces without acrimony, discord and killing each other. There have also been plenty of couples who had divorce lawyers scheduled, but then cancelled the divorce entirely, and are still married – but now happily – years later. Here is the good news, most of what you are arguing about has nothing to do with what you are arguing about. It’s really about what is underneath. 

At the Couples Awakening Intimacy Retreat, you will begin to understand what is at the heart of every argument, not just with your head, but with your full heart. Most of us put effort into our careers, time and attention into being parents, but we expect our romantic partnership to simply go along from day to day, investing precious little work into it. 

The Retreat offers not only tangible tools and techniques for you to use upon leaving, but it also offers the perspective of other couples who are walking the same path in a safe, warm, nurturing environment. 

NOTE: This retreat is going to be delivered online.

Times of the training:

29th-30th-31st of October 2021

From 1000 AM BST to 1930 BST