Evrim Numanoglu Ozgen

CEO – Institute of Global Leadership and Transformational Leadership Coach

Coaching session for Leading for Impact

30 minutes coaching session to ignite the power within you to cause reinvention in your life.

About Evrim

She has co-founded IGL with her husband, who is her partner in life, and vision in 2020. IGL is a leadership development organization based in the UK, offering virtual live and experiential Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership programmes. IGL’s programmes are for entrepreneurs, leaders and driven individuals who have dreams and who are ready to bring them into life. What they will experience through IGL programmes is to reinvent themselves and redesign their lives with a joyful, effective, and interactive process and a team of other leaders who will work with them.

Evrim holds an Industrial Engineering degree and an MBA from London Business School, with a wealth of experience in leading and managing multicultural teams across the globe for over 20 years.