7 Weeks Live Online Programme with life time access.

Open for Enrollment.

Are you struggling to prioritize yourself and what you truly want? 

Do you want to love yourself and your life FULLY?

Are you ready to let go of the past wounds and rebirth a powerful YOU?

Are you yearning an intimate, loving romantic relationship and a joyful family?


Perhaps you feel stuck and don’t know which direction to follow in life. 

Maybe you are consumed by millions of thoughts, worries and things to be done.

You feel like there is no space for what you truly desire and for who you truly want to be. 


It was 8 years ago when my inner world was like a battle filed.

My mind was cruel and loud.
My heart was hurting.
My soul was lost.

I was a mother to my precious baby.

I had an impressive career, multiple degrees, and a devoted husband.

I was living in a beautiful place watching a stunning lake and green fileds from my garden. 

Yet, I was empty inside. Hollow, hurt and lost.

What made it even worse was family and friends saying “What else do you want? You have got everything.” 

People made their judgements about my happiness based on what they saw in my external world.

Did I have everything I wanted? Was I behaving like a spoiled girl by wanting to feel whole, complete and peaceful?

A nice house, marriage, baby, polished career and money… Is that really what I wanted?  

None of those things made me happy and whole, until I knew who I truly was.

Through my therapist at the time, I met and channeled the grace of Hera, Afrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, and Persephone.

Working with these 6 Goddesses completely opened my eyes to why I was doubting myself as a mother, feeling like a failure in my career and grieving the death of the woman I knew before I got married and had a child.

I understood that Hera, Artemis, and Athena were so strong in my identity whereas I was diconnected from the wisdom and energy of Afrodite, Demeter, and Persephone.

I was struggling with being a loving, gentle, and nurturing person, connecting with my son, creating intimacy with my husband and having trust in life.

I was raised without a mother. Without the unconditional love and presence of a mother figure…. I got to heal that wound first so that I could love and nurture myself unconditionally and feel like a whole woman. 

Once I learned the tools to channel Goddess wisdom and energy, I experienced self-love, inner balance and personal power which then manifested in my relationship with my husband and my child.

Further, I gave myself permission to leave my previous career which felt dry and boring.

I felt free to choose what I wanted to pursue in life and my life was never the same from that moment onwards.

I studied, practiced, embodied and taught the wisdom, energy and values of living like a Goddess.  

It is your time now to own your power, and live your best life.

You are ready!

I invite you to join me and other women around the world in The Rising Goddess Virtual Programme.




The truth is, you have been wearing masks and a tick armer to protect yourself from the world since you were a little girl.

Those masks and armer got so sticky and heavy that sometimes you get confused about who you are, and you doubt your true authentic self.   

Your masks and armer are killing your soul, beauty and loving heart day by day.

They suck the joy out of your life.

You deserve the freedom to connect with and own your true identity as a woman. This is your birthright! 

You were born as a Goddess. You might have forgotten how it felt like but it is time to remember who you are!

Women are exposed to many expectations and pressure from the world. 

To be beautiful by others’ standards…

To get married and have children at a certain age…

To be successful according to the rules of a male dominant world…

To behave in a certain way, be a nice girl, be a proper woman…

Many many more….

No more masks for you! No more armer which suffocates you! 

It is time to connect with the Goddess power within! 

What Sarah from London says…

“I am so grateful to have met Evrim and to have had her healing presence in my life. She has been instrumental in helping me to make deep changes in my life over the last few transformative months, really getting to the root of issues that were holding me back. Each healing has felt life-changing, allowing me to move forward and leaving me feeling lighter, happier, and clearer – emotionally, psychologically, and energetically. Evrim gets to the root of the issue gently, but very thoroughly – so you know it won’t be coming back! She is a deeply intuitive and connected healer, and I always feel that I am in very safe hands. I would recommend her without hesitation.” ~ Sarah

what is the rising goddess programme?

The Rising Goddess Programme is a LIVE ONLINE 7 weeks programme, which was designed to teach you how to BE YOU unapoligatically, so that you can finally design and have the life that you truly desire.

This programme is to heal and harness the feminine and masculine energies within you so that you feel whole and complete as a woman. We will use 6 Ancient Goddess Archetypes to bring the healing energy and powerful wisdom with the practical tools to apply in your daily life.

A life with people you love, a career that you enjoy, a family that is thriving, more money to do things you want, health to live a long and fulfilling life and wholeness as a woman and BLISS of life.   

Each of the Six (6) Goddesses represent specific wisdom, values and principles to live with. 

You will learn, share, meditate, dance, laugh, and take action. You will feel WHOLE as a woman, have results in your life and will know how to call upon each Goddess wisdom in your day-to-day life.

You will receive pre-recorded training sessions for each Goddess. We meet online twice a month to dive deep into the Goddess Wisdom. During these live coaching calls, you will have the opportunity to get customized coaching and ask questions. 

Further, as a bonus, you will have daily support and coaching through a private Facebook Group.  

 Meet the six Ancient Greek Goddesses; 

ATHENA: The Warrior Goddess who uses wisdom and intelligence as her powers.

AFRODITE: The Goddess of Love and Intimacy.

ARTEMIS: The Goddess of Wilderness, Nature, and Physical Strength.

HERA: The Queen Goddess that represents Personal Power and Leadership.

PERSEPHONE: The Goddess of the Underworld, Intuition, Life, and Death.

DEMETER: The Goddess of Motherhood and Nurturing Love. 


what will you gain?


Some of the results you can experience depending on your personal desires include but are not limited to the following.

👉🏼 start a romantic relationship and/or improve your significant relationships

👉🏼 enjoy your life fully without guilt

👉🏼 think, act and speak with confidence and clarity

👉🏼 start a loving and connected family 

👉🏼 be a confident and joyful mother to your current children

👉🏼 enjoy your sexual life 

👉🏼 increase your income and prosperity

👉🏼 embark on a fulfilling and meaningful career

👉🏼 be on a remarkable spiritual journey


  • Opening up your intuition deeply.
  • Discovering what you truly want.
  • Being free from what has been holding you back to live your best life.
  • Connecting with your authentic self 
  • Owning your personal power and declaring your wildest dreams to become your reality
  • Taking action for your desires.
  • Learning how to use powerful Ancient Greek Goddess wisdom, power and magic in your day-to-day life.



when is it happening?


You can start anytime you want and have access to the programme.

Each Goddess has a unique module, workbooks and guided meditation that you will have access.

BONUS: Private Community Facebook Group and 2 * live coaching calls per month. 

What is included?

The Rising Goddess Programme includes the following;

✨7 weekly modules 

✨Daily Support on a Private Facebook Group

✨Access to ongoing live bi-weekly community coaching calls 

✨Workbooks for 6 Goddess Archetypes

✨Recorded Guided Meditation for 6 Goddesses Archetypes



Programme Fee: £497.00

Life time access to 7 modules, live call recordings, handouts and guided meditations. 

Once you enrol you will immediately have access to recorded modules, handouts and guided meditations as well as the Private community facebook group. 

You will be able to attend ongoing bi-weekly community coaching calls to ask your questions and get specific coaching.  


Who is this for?


This is perfect for you, if you are:  

🔥 A fierce woman, a go-getter who makes things happen yet you feel disconnected from your sensual, gentle, and loving part. You want more joy, ease, and beauty in your life without you trying so hard.

❤️ A gentle soul who nurtures everyone yet you struggle to feel worthy, powerful, and desired. You are ready to prioritize yourself without sacrificing the people you love.

💃🏻 A joyous woman who creates fun, pleasure, and adventures, yet you struggle to bring order into your life, relationships, and finances. Enough of feeling stressed. Time to bring peace, joyful order, and support into your life.

👍🏼 A wise and smart woman, who always finds solutions for everything yet deep down craves intimacy, adventures, success and deep connections.

❤️ A strong woman who is ready to nurture a family with a partner and children. 



Evrim is AMAZING! Her insight and coaching, the way she asks thought provoking questions – all of it had me digging deep, deeper than I had ever imagined, to get to the root of why I would react (not respond) in certain situations. She supported me in seeing things from a different perspective which allowed me to see that I can create possibilities in ANY situation. Her coaching and compassion have supported me so much in my relationships, especially with those closest to me, and it has even supported me in my business with my patients. I am so grateful to her, her coaching and her support. I was in such a different place before meeting her and I cannot thank her enough! 

~ Dawn


“I have had an amazing experience working with Evrim! Her emphatic yet super down-to-earth, practical character combined with powerful intuitive techniques has allowed me to re-vamp my career and business aspirations and supported me in creating long-term changes both personally and professionally. Evrim possesses a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of modern-day women; she walks her talk, and gently supports her clients in creating the lifestyle they desire drawing upon her decades of experience both in the corporate sector and as a successful entrepreneur. Her caring and analytical approach have helped me in getting into the success mindset of starting a new business, while still juggling around my 9-5; through honoring and enjoying my femininity, which brought more harmony, fun, and joy into my life and career.”

~ Barbara


Evrim is phenomenal. She asks the tough questions and guides you to find answers and solutions in a much more efficient way than any therapist I have worked with. She is highly intuitive and spoke about pertinent things in my childhood (which I had never mentioned to her) that helped me understand why I approach the world I do now as an adult. I found her meditations very healing. She was incredibly supportive of me during our time and checked in frequently to make sure I was doing ok when she knew things were tough. I am grateful for having met her. She is a wonderful listener and a great advice giver. I look forward to future work with her.

~ Pamela


Your Trainer and Coach:

Evrim Numanoglu Ozgen

Evrim, a loving, powerful, generous leader is a Goddess Archetype coach, transformational leadership trainer & coach, entrepreneur, mother of two boys, wife to an amazing man, and an amateur athlete.

Evrim will help you connect and own your true power so that you can live your best life without sacrificing any aspect of yourself.

She coached and trained over 500 women and men across the globe.

Evrim has an MBA degree from London Business School in the UK and Industrial Engineering degree from Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey. She is a certified Soft Tissue and Sports Massage Therapist, certified Theta Healing Instructor, and Practitioner.

She has vast experience in healing, coaching, training, and leading individuals and organizations. She has worked virtually and in person with hundreds of people from all around the world, including entire Europe, India, Japan, China, North America, South Africa, Australia, and Middle East.

She is enjoying a thriving family life in a beach town in the land of Goddesses – Datca, Turkey at the moment. She is growing global and local communities with a vision to create abundance for all while unschooling her two sons with her husband.