I used to be anxious and fearful and from this training I learned not to let fear stop me from living my life and at 65 it’s never too late to take ownership of your life.


Transformational leadership has shifted the way I look at myself, relationships, business and the world. This work has been a blessing for my home life and has given me the courage to BE my authentic self. Since my commitment to this work, I have started a coaching business which serves so many and I got engaged! Transformational leadership has given me the tools to change the world for the better and the opportunity to serve those who are still looking for more.


My experience with Leadership Training transformed the way I look at life, how I react to situations, and how I relate to other people. I had discovered that I’d stopped using my voice and was simply surviving through each day. Now I am living a life with purpose, using my voice, building stronger relationships, and embracing new experiences with joy and enthusiasm.


I walked away with a clearer picture of who I am and what I have to offer. It increased my confidence in my ability to impact others. It also woke me up to how I can step it up as a leader.